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About Me

I can tell you that I grew up in South Africa to Dutch born parents, but that is not why you would want to choose me to capture your precious memories. I should tell you that I started loving photography as young as 5 years old. I still own the very first picture I ever took on my fathers hand-me-down Kodak Instamatic with those cube flashes, and I love that picture just the same today!

Growing into a teen I was around my father and his love for photography albeit on the other side of the camera. His enthusiasm for beauty and pictures had a profound effect on my life and my drive to seize every memory. The birth of my two wonderful children sparked that flame even higher and seeing them change every day made me want to carry my camera with me in my sleep, just to not miss one special but fleeting moment.

I have never been a glass half full person - mine needs to be filled up! Everything I do, I do with zest and commitment. So in late 2011 I decided to turn my passion into Picture This by Ansa, and am really excited about the prospect of defining a moment in your life that you may treasure forever!